Andrea Beaman, Natural Foods Chef, Holistic Health Counselor, Bravo's Top Chef Season 1

“Donna’s enthusiasm for her work is infectious – she is dedicated to helping her clients get thin for the camera. And, her own personal experience with weight loss gives her the tools to help guide you toward achieving your own success story in a healthy and fun way.”

– Andrea Beaman, Natural Foods Chef, Holistic Health Counselor, Bravo’s Top Chef Season 1

Monica Meadows, Actress/Model

“Thank you so much for creating such a supportive environment. Your class (Get Fit for the Camera) was so uplifting, encouraging and eye-opening. You have a true gift for health counseling. I would – and will – highly recommend your class to anyone looking to improve their health and vitality!! Thank you for such an amazing experience!”

Monica Meadows, Actress/Model

Barbara P. King, Actress/Print Model

“Donna goes beyond just stating the facts on food. She is very “hands on” and worked with me as a complete individual, taking into account my personality, my schedule and my eating habits to help me come up with my own healthy, yet delicious and above all simple eating plan. Her vibrant energy is very inspiring and she is extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Donna not only to actors, but to anyone looking to positively change their image, not only on the outside but on the inside too.”

– Barbara P. King , Actress/Print Model

Michelle Austin, Founder Fluidity Fitness

“Working with Donna and eating her cooking has helped me to feel physically and mentally phenomenal – she has helped me reduce my stress level all the while keeping my weight down in a delicious and fun way – I wear a leotard for a living, am on camera often and I refuse to diet- Donna’s tools for healthy eating have helped me lose body fat and keep a positive attitude -she knows her stuff and brings love to everything that she does.”

– Michelle Austin, Founder Fluidity Fitness

Paul Marcarelli, Actor

“Shocking developments on the health front…and proof Donna Sonkin’s program works:  After a full physical in March my doctor reported that I am healthier now at age 37 than I was twelve years  ago when I started seeing him!  I’ve lost several pounds; my LDL   (bad cholesterol) went from 120 two years ago to 83 now, and my HDL (healthy cholesterol) climbed five points to 57;  my blood pressure is perfect and all other levels and functions are  exactly where they should be.  My doctor said he wished all his patients would adhere to a program like Donna’s.”

– Paul Marcarelli, Actor

Tracy Jai Edwards, Singer/ Actress, Legally Blond

“Donna Sonkin is so supportive and smart and full of ideas to help me reach my health goals!  She really cares and I love her and her program!  Donna is the best!”

– Tracy Jai Edwards, Singer/ Actress, Legally Blond

Jenny Zerke, Actress

“Donna’s class is amazing!  She takes the meaning of health to a whole new level and teaches things you won’t find in health magazines or diet books.  Since I changed my diet, I have much more energy and have gotten lots of compliments about how great my skin looks.”

– Jenny Zerke, Actress


Sandi Wright

“I called Donna because I needed a change. I had reached a plateau with regard to eating and really wanted to learn more about food and the effect it was having on me. After seeing Donna twice, I felt an immediate difference! And after working with her for two months, I’ve implemented her strategies for changing the way I eat—NOT dieting. I feel leaner and have more energy

The initial consultation was eye-opening, and for our next session, Donna came with me to a health food store to shop. Donna is a wealth of information. In addition, she’s got great recipes which delicious and simple. I am now cooking more—not only for myself—but for my husband and two daughters (5 yrs & 3 yrs) and they are loving it! I never imagined that they would love Kale!!”

– Sandi Wright

Liz Elkins, Actress

“I can honestly say that working with Donna changed my life for the better. She helped me make better choices for my health, not only in relationship to food, but in all aspects of my life. I have completely stopped using Splenda, which made my cravings for sugar decrease and my energy increase. I am no longer afraid to buy and cook with big leafy greens, like kale! I use her recipes at least once a week…they are delicious and nutritious. But also, Donna introduced me to my personal trainer, which has helped my body look better than ever. She supported me through a breakup. She introduced me to people who have helped forward my acting career. She is always there with a wealth of holistic knowledge in every area of life. With her love, support, wisdom and positive energy, Donna has guided me towards greater self-empowerment. I am so grateful to my work with Donna Sonkin!”

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Connie Renda, Singer/Actor

“Donna Sonkin and her beaming, beautiful and brilliant energy has given me the tools to help me soar into the next chapter of my life. I went into One on One for a FREE seminar on nutrition when I came home from tour. I honestly can say I have no idea why I even went. I am a healthy, active woman and I always have been. As soon as I walked in the room filled with Donna’s light and love, I knew I wanted to have what she had and I signed up (for Get Fit for the Camera.

I just knew that I deserved a gift. We all deserve the gift of knowing how to nourish our bodies.  I mark coming home from that tour and meeting Donna and her knowledge and care to share it, the next chapter in my life.   My body feels amazing, my mind is sound, my heart wants more and I have the energy to keep moving forward in this crazy business.  I am so grateful to Donna, she truly is a gift.  She knows where we are coming from as actors, musicians, artists, and really as human beings.  Donna fights the fight beside you for a better quality of life.  She creates a safe class environment encouraging risk and change.  Now, I get to pass information on to my loved ones and I, myself create change.  Don’t think, don’t hesitate, don’t walk… run to the phone and sign up for whatever this lovely lady is teaching.  Do it for yourself! You deserve it.”

– Connie Renda, Singer/Actor