Adam Shuty, Personal Trainer

As with most things you get out what you put in. In Donna you find someone who is giving her all for the benefit of her clients, friends and family. The world of health and nutrition is vast and complex. Unless you devote your life to its study, there is no way you are going to do anything more than scratch the tip of the iceberg. There you will continue to flounder as you fall victim to the sway of the media and the latest passing fads.

Here you have an opportunity to learn the facts. Donna is bright, fun and most importantly knowledgeable. She has the courage to take up the daunting task of debunking the popular myths surrounding health, diet and lifestyle. Donna is throwing you a life preserver all you have to do is grab on and enjoy the ride. You are missing out if you do not include Donna on your wellness team!

– Adam Shuty, Certified Personal Trainer

Catherine Kim, Actress, “Ghost of Girlfriends Past”

“On the set of “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past,” Donna was as important to me as my director. Working with Donna has changed my entire perception of what’s healthy and nutritious. I love her 80/20 rule: 80% of the time, be as good to your body as possible with the best, organic foods, exercise you enjoy, and sleep, the other 20%, indulge! Donna taught me that it’s all about balance. Three weeks before shooting, Donna helped me plan out a spa menu that helped me look my best in the movie without starving. By the time I got to set, I had all the tools I needed to keep my energy up and focus on the experience, which was unforgettable.”

– Catherine Kim, Actress

Gameela Wright, Actress

“Donna Sonkin’s class has been a lifeline for me. Being an actor and a diabetic provide unique challenges. Donna has re-educated me in a way that none of my health professionals have done. She provides not only the information, but the WHY that always eluded and stumped me. Donna makes the information fun, educational and easy for anyone to understand. After her class – you just GET it. Thanks to Donna, I finally feel in control of my health and my body and not the other way around.”

– Gameela Wright, Actress

Helene Taylor, Actress

“Donna has enlightened me to a new way of viewing food and how I treat my body. I was aware of how to eat right but I didn’t seem to apply that knowledge in to my everyday life. Donna expanded my knowledge to a point where it has become second nature to me, she has combined the emotional with the practical and resolved my issues with “good, bad” food. Eating right is no longer a struggle, it’s second nature! I have not only lost weight, I don’t even pay attention to it coming off, I’m more interested in how to better nurture my body. Losing weight is just the bonus! My relationship with food is so incredibly different, as is my relationship with myself. If you spend money on groceries you deserve to spend your money on Donna. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her passion towards making your life the best it can be is sincere. She is an actor’s missing link to a successful life and career. ”

– Helene Taylor, Actress

Karen Kohlhaas,

“Donna, I can’t begin to tell you how much working with you has changed my daily life! What I love about the way you work is that it is simple, do-able, and completely customized to the person – I felt like you were working with me and MY life (vs. trying to make me fit into a pre-determined diet “rule” structure). Meeting with you was informative, inspiring, reasurring, and ENTERTAINING. I think you were perfect for me because I would rebel against seriousness and “warnings” when it comes to diet and health. You are sympathetic, funny, and accessible, and TOTALLY know your stuff. I have greater energy, health, and stamina as a result of working with you. I can’t thank you enough! Much love and thanks,”

– Karen Kohlhaas,

Sharon Johnson, Actress

“When I started working with Donna I thought I would be condemed to a life of eating healthy (but yukky) foods, since my idea of the perfect breakfast was donuts. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Donna introduced me to a world of delicious, healthy new foods, taught me how to prepare them and showed me how my body was benefiting. Working with Donna is like being on a joyous adventure, she is so enthusiastic about giving a healthy lifestyle to everyone! When I had my sessions with Donna, she made me know that my health and my happiness were hugely important to her. As a result of my work with Donna, I have found delicious new foods to eat, lost weight, sleep better and have been able to lower medication that I had needed because of my bad eating habits.”

– Sharon Johnson, Actress

Jonathan Roumie, Actor/Producer/Writer

“Donna Sonkin is one of the most beautiful, thoughtful, caring people I’ve ever met, inside and out; and that was my impression in the first 30 seconds of meeting her at her “Get Fit for the Camera” course I took. She brings to her classes and her work, an energy so positive and uplifting, one cannot help but be both influenced and inspired by it. Her zest for what she does is irresistible!!!

I came away from each session not only illuminated by her vast knowledge-base of holistic nutrition and practices, but also feeling healthier spiritually, mentally and emotionally. She not only encourages a healthy body, but also a healthy mind and a nourished soul!”

– Jonathan Roumie, Actor/Producer/Writer

Yasmin Ismael, Commercial Print Model

“The nutritional tools that Donna has given me have increased my energy level ten-fold. After working with Donna I booked various print ads including Del Monte, Motorola, Oprah Magazine and the cover of Newsweek Magazine to name a few .Donna helped me raise my confidence level so that I nailed and booked my first on camera audition for a national commercial. On shoots I am bursting with energy and am now a master navigator of craft services.”

– Yasmin Ismael, Commercial Print Model