Dairy –What the heck is wrong with it anyways???

Dairy –What the heck is wrong with it anyways???

1. Dairy as baby food – dairy is a highly concentrated food, it helps a calf grow to a cow from 50 – 1500 lbs- in about 6 months.
2. The Enzymes- toddlers 3 years of age and under (babies) have an enzyme that aids in the digestion of dairy, around the time that they turn 3 years old that enzyme goes away and dairy is much more difficult to digest.
3. Pasteurization –when dairy comes out of the cow it actually has an enzyme that helps you to digest it (when dairy is raw) when we pasteurize that dairy that enzyme gets killed by the high temperature making it difficult to digest, many people who label themselves as “lactose- intolerant” are really just having a reaction to the lack of the raw dairy enzyme.
4. Absorption of vitamins / minerals – when dairy is made low fat or skim The body can’t handle it, fat is what helps the body to absorb vitamins and minerals, when the fat is removed there are far too many nutrients and not enough fat to assimilate those nutrients so the body “throws out” the excess in the form of – bunions, calcium deposits, skin tags, raised moles, etc.
5. bovine growth hormone – a normal grass fed cow makes enough milk for its own babies or the equivalent of about a family of 5 – when dairy is factory farmed – farmers add bovine growth hormone to stimulate the cows mammary gland so that cow produces enough dairy for 30 people ! the result is horrific – as we ingest what ever that cow ingests the result can be children developing breasts at a very young age or what I call “ man boobs” in men who drink too much dairy- an over all “baby fat” body is to be expected when there is too much dairy in the diet.
6. antibiotics – as a result of the hormones, the cow udders get engorged with milk (7 times the amount that they are meant to hold) the udders drop down to the ground and rub against the floor of the pen – often the pen floor in a factory farm is a mettle grate and this scrapes the udders – the udders then become inflamed and infected – in order for the farmers to continue to make their money they pump the milk cows with strong antibiotics to make the infection go away , again if the cow ingests it – so will you, result of antibiotics in humans – weakened digestion and Candida among many other problems.

7. Treatment of dairy cows… no sunshine, life in a tiny pen with no room and no fresh air – think prison here. Normal cows live 15-20 years cows on hormones/ antibiotics in a factory farm pen- sometimes only 3 years… so sad.
8. Feed of factory farmed cows- cows are meant to be out in the sunshine, they are meant to consume grass NOT grains or feed – in a factory farm the feed often consists of stale bakery waste – that’s right, old nasty fried donuts! Not very healthy for them, the cows often develop huge gastrointestinal problems and many other health problems including acid reflux and arthritis.

What can you do?

· Only buy grass fed, organic, no hormone/ no antibiotic, non homogenized, free range dairy.

· Look for fermented dairy – yogurts and kefir and always opt for full fat versions.
· Look at dairy as more of a fun food that enjoy on occasion
· Find calcium where cows find it in dark greens, other calcium rich, non- dairy foods include: sesame seeds (1160mg. per 3.5 oz), sardines (371 mg per serving) collard greens (250mg per serving) and almonds (234 mg. per serving)

-Donna Sonkin H.H.C., A.A.D.P.

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