Bringing in BIG Love

I just got engaged, it was a bazaar and wonderfully quick turn of events. We met at a spiritual workshop and merged at hyper-speed. Everyone thought we were nuts, until they sat down with us. One by one we have met with family members on both sides and one by one they all have the same reaction… “I totally get it!” “He is great!” “She is lovely!” “Seeing you two together makes sense.” 
This seemingly quick union was a long time coming for both of us. We are both on “the path”, I started way back when I was about 22 with workshops and meditation and he has been entrenched in a thick love of all things spiritual – culminating in 2 years at seminary.
He is deep and I am deep.
I am 41 years old, I have almost been married 4 times, each time I just knew that the person sitting across from me, however awesome, fun and attractive they were… they were not “my person” my “orb of light” to travel this life with. And so, I let go of them in search of my true life-partner. Friends and loved ones would shake their heads at me “your too picky!” I would talk with my mother after dates “what’s wrong with this one?” she would ask, nearly fed up with the endless sea of suitors. Heck, I even went on a VH1 dating reality show, but, no matter what came up, how exhausted and depleted I got from the arduous task of finding “Him” I stayed the course. I knew that God/ The Universe (or whatever you find comforting as that energy) had a better plan for me, bigger and more fun then the one that lived in my head. I knew in my body and my bones that if I listened to others thoughts on my love life, I’d be in big trouble.
I did the work, attending workshops on finding love, creating the environment for love to come in, re-vamping my apartment with feng shui experts, if there was a book on love or a work book on bringing love into your life, I read it, I did it. Seemingly whacky rituals, became a part of my weekly practice, healers, clairvoyants and mediums, yes, I sought them out too.
Then finally, after yet another unsatisfying relationship and breakup, I gave up. That is not to say that I gave up on the hope that my partner was out there, I gave up on doing it alone. That is when I started my daily conversations with God.  The conversation started as a crying fit that left my eyes red and gave me the hiccups, there I was on my big white rug, on my hands and knees, and I just surrendered. With my face wet with tears I looked up at my ceiling… “I cannot do this alone anymore, I need you God, I need your help” then I got very still and what came out of my mouth surprised me, it was such a strong and powerful voice, a voice with such knowing – it was coming from me, but I was not talking, I was being spoken. This is what the voice said through me:
“God, I know that I am born for one man and I know God that you have born a man just for me, I know God that you are bringing us together now and when we do meet it will be fast and fun and full of wonder, I know that he will respect me and I will respect him, he is kind and thoughtful, we have abundance and great laughter, ours is a limitless love, we are both attracted to each other with such passion, he makes me smile, we create a life that is full of family and babies and health and joy! I thank you God for this and all you have given me already.”
I said some version of this every morning right about the time I started an intense daily yoga practice, mid-July. My morning prayers, my “talk with God” out loud in my tiny apartment, on my hands and knees. The conversation covered many issues, my deep gratitude for EVERYTHING, every stick of furniture, every item of clothing, each friend, every loved one, every client, the sunshine, the earth, clean water and a bounty of delicious food, I acknowledged it all even the bad dates that I had, focusing on how much fun it was to get dolled up and have men buy me dinner, I was grateful for their masculine energy, for the moments that I was not alone on a Saturday night. I approached my morning prayer with thanks and deep knowing that he was on his way, envisioning a life with him, breathing into it with security that it was already here, that I had already stepped into my life.
And then he showed up. Just like that.

Pretty soon into our relationship I let him know about my morning “conversations with God” I trusted him with my story of what I had been asking for. His smile widened as he shared with me that at around the same time (mid-July) he did the same thing – giving up, and seeing it and asking for God’s help.
We all have the ability to manifest great love, it is not just for some of us, it is for us all. My mother always said “God wouldn’t bring you all this way to leave you all alone!” so, I believed her and I believe in my power to manifest.
Now I sit here in this new apartment that I am slowly bringing my belongings into as we plan our wedding. I’ve kept my yoga practice and each day I have my conversation with God. It takes only a few minutes but it sets everything in motion for the day.
What can you do?

          1) Start with gratitude – give thanks for all that you have and everything that is on its way

          2)   Bless the planet and your loved ones – each morning I send love to my mom in Florida, I send love to the ancestors who have passed on, I ask God to watch over family and friends

         3)    Focus on abundance and career with gratitude and knowing that more great things are on their way

         4) Get in your body, take some long deep breaths to center yourself for the day

        5) Ask for God’s energy where you need it – If I have an intense cooking job I usually ask God to have my grandmother work through my hands to make sure everything is delicious
        6) share with God what you long for in a partner (some version of what I have written above) as you share, feel the feeling of him/ her already in your life, visualize waking up next to them, sitting to eat with them, walking with them etc. express gratitude for them in present time. Feel the feelings of love and joy, then, breathe them in.

        7) Imagine your future as if it’s happening in real time, where you live, who is in your house, your health, your job, your finances… this should be fun and only takes a few minutes

       8)  Give thanks one more time to seal your practice
I feel confident that with these tools you are now manifesting your partner!

With love,

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