My Momma said "CHILL!!!"

My Mom always says that God/ The Universe has three possible answers for you when you come for guidance
                            1)   YES
                                    2)   NO
                                                  3)   WAIT

The third one can be maddening. As we sit and wait for… fill in the blank____________ it can seem like an eternity. I have a best girlfriend -best selling self help book author Karen Salmansohn  I love her. She likes to think that what you are bringing towards you is on the way, however, it’s simply “stuck in traffic”
We never know why things take longer than we think they should take. Mom also said “things happen in God’s time, not your time, so relax!”
My mother has lived a long life filled with disappointment at one end of the spectrum and big, wondrous surprises on the other. She has had both failed marriages and great loves, she has experienced huge abundance followed by tearful poverty only to find herself flush with money again. She understands the flow of the universe. She knows when to tell her daughter to chill. I haven’t always listened to her.
 I remember one very painful conversation after a breakup. She got very soft with me and said simply
 “ I wish I had a time machine, I wish you could sit down with your future self, the one who already has all of the stuff that you want in life, the partner, the babies, the house, the great career… I wish that you could sit down with her so she could spread her arms open wide and say it’s all here for you, just relax and be patient… it’s on its way!”
 Or as Karen would say “Relax, it’s just stuck in traffic”
Can you be patient? Can you allow the universe the time to “cook” what you need in the oven of possibility, cook it until it is done to perfection and just as you ordered it?
Esther and Jerry Hicks’s Abrahamtalk about “allowing” can you take the white-knuckle grip off of your idea of how things are supposed to be and open your hands to how the universe will prepare them? Most often times they are even better and more fun that what is in
your head, so why not?
I know how challenging this can be but what if they really are on their way?
 Of course you do all you can do, you visualize, you make sure that your language is in alignment with your idea for the future, you learn all you need to, write in your  journal, meditate etc. but then there comes a point when you just need to chill, relax and allow.
What can you do?
                 1)   Get still

                2)   Take 5 deep breathes inhaling for a count of four, holding for a count of four, exhaling for a count of four

                3)   Imagine yourself in a tranquil white room, a room full of light, a very cheerful room

                4)   Now imagine that you are sitting in a chair and there is another chair, empty right across from you

                5)   Imagine now that your future self comes to sit with you, take her/ him in… how does he/she look? What do they tell you? Let it be light and fun.

                6)   Write anything down that you have learned from this conversation

              7)   Chill, relax, and allow

 I have every confidence that we are all experts at the art of manifesting – all you are right now is a result of all you have done so far. One step at a time, one foot in front of the other. 

with love and light!


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