retreat and recharge

we all get sick sometimes. it can be too annoying, you have plans, you are looking forward to things and then bam! your body ‘fails you’

or does it?
here I am at a GORGEOUS retreat at The Good Common in Plymouth Vermont – birth place of the 30th president of the U.S. Calvin Coolidge. in my fevered delirium I think to myself ‘I wonder if he is related to Rita Coolidge’
see, just before I rode up on the ‘Good Bus’ I felt a little under the weather. what’s a girl to do? NOT GO?
I never get sick so I figured ‘ I have my Young Living Oils Thieves oil and ginger oil, I even brought my Source Naturals Wellness Formula – that makes me nearly gag when I take it… I’ll be fine!’
about halfway through our 7 hour bus ride the chills came on hard. we stopped at a rest stop where the only place open was McDonald’s so I got the only thing that a holistic health coach can get from McDonald’s, hot water, not just hot water, blistering hot sue that damn McDonald’s hot water and put the drops in but still chills.
so here I am surrounded by lovely nature and wonderful people and all I have seen is my bed.
and that’s ok.
if I were home i’d be watching showtime on demand , back episodes of La La land. but here I am not escaping , not numbing out just sitting with myself and my thoughts.
when I get sick I turn in to an 80 year old grandmother shivering , breathing heavy and saying under my breath but clear and audibly ‘ oh my god,oh my god’ there I was muttering when Stefani Zeiv, America’s Life Coach and Erika Shannon the fitness expert on the retreat stood by taking me in. Erika said – with a deadpan expression “at least your not a drama queen” and that was it , we all laughed our asses off. I think I turned a corner at that moment. yes I still feel like a crap sandwich but I am on the mend.
now the others are coming back from their 4 hour hike (the thing that I was looking forward to the most) all glowing and refreshed , after all it is a ‘recharge retreat’ I suppose this is my way of recharging.
getting some work done and sleeping a lot, 5 hours already today.
I am looking forward to coming back here when I can really enjoy.
for now I will complain and mutter to myself. or maybe not … Tim Becker the re-connective healer on the trip has cautioned me to ‘use my words to create wellness’
so, here goes… ‘my body now restores itself to its natural state of perfect health’
and so it shall be.
much love,
please leave comments , I am bored up here!
-Donna Sonkin

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