Spring cleaning day 2

Hello healthy people !

well yesterday went well… did not have any chocolate , black tea or black licorice, instead I opted for some organic apple sauce which did the trick.

I took a 30 minute run in the park – which was beautiful, then did some stretching , crunches and push ups… the weather made it easy as did the fun music in my ipod.

I did not watch T.V. while eating even once – which was a challenge- I just stared at my cat and he looked away occasionally looking at me as if to say ” what the hell are you looking at? “

I finished most of the food that I made accept the brown rice, I have a sweet potato in the oven as I write this and am about to steam carrots and make Dikon radish salad for nori rolls, some more kale and of course that YUMMY lemon -ginger tahini dressing.

my cleansing activity yesterday was to go over some old paperwork, today I will do laundry and donate old and unused items to the housing works thrift shop.

I went to whole foods last night after a delicious dinner last night at Souen ( nori roll, maze rice with nori, grilled black bass and some kale, steamed carrots , dikon radish and squash) to pick up some more apple sauce (glass jar) kale, carrots, sweet potato and dikon.

going to hit the park again today, maybe a yoga class …

many hugs!

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