Spring cleaning day 3

woke up at around 6 am and cooked like a fiend! more wild salmon salad , some blueberry sorbet , more vegetables for nori rolls KALE! lemon- ginger tahini sauce, and sweet potato.

feeling very good , a bit sluggish and my attempt at a run in the park turned into a long leisurely walk with push ups, crunches, lunges and stretches, I decided NOT to use my IPOD , I wanted to listen to the birds , cleansing yes…

took a long relaxing sit near the sail boat pond and have to say that I felt as if I was in a Fellini movie – many of those cute Korean couples tying the knot – many with punked out multi colored hair ( the men) and the brides all aglow with red and pink bouquets, there was some weird dude gyrating to trance music and people were actually putting money in his bucket, there was a couple clearly in love and learning the tango , holding each other so close that not a bit of light shone through their silhouette… and of course the children who giddily watched the two Transylvania Folk violinists play feverishly in unison.

I was very happy that I did not bring my IPOD – I would have missed the entire Filliniesque show for sure and what a pity that would have been…

as for my cleansing activity- went to the little nail salon by my house and got a manicure/ pedicure , I interviewed the owner as she painted my toes… she started her business at a very young age and then left it to go back to be a mommy , then once the kids grew she went back to work and the business has continued to thrive ever since.

had a friend over for dinner. now I will clean up the dishes and head to sleep.

Oh, NO TV through meals again! YEAY! very difficult indeed. NO black tea, Dolphin chocolate or black licorice either!

I feel pretty clean , light , refreshed .

a cleanse is ( as Martha says, ) is ” A good thing”

tomorrow I do a tele-conference with all of the spring cleansers ( there are 11 of them ) looking forward to hearing all of their news.


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