The Secrets to a Beautiful and Healthy Life

People always ask me for advice. I am an expert after all and have been helping people get healthier for years now. In this fast paced-media-snippet-sound-bite world we live in, most people want it short and sweet. People don’t want to have to think too much. Here are some guidelines that are pretty easy to follow. They are my basic thoughts on how to be healthy and peaceful, also on what the body needs. When clients and friends follow these simple ideas, the body goes to a place of balance, peace and most importantly, wellness.

Here goes:

Respect the wisdom of the body. The body is always looking to be healthy and is searching for optimal wellness. All you need do is create an environment where it can do what it does best.

Eat real/whole food — foods that are what they say they are. An egg is an egg, brown rice is brown rice, an apple is an apple and so on. Chew your food thoroughly and when you chew, keep your mouth closed!

Avoid sugar, alcohol, chemicals and processed foods, including processed salt (choose Celtic sea salt or Real salt brands).

Buy local and organic and naturally raised when possible.

Eat foods in harmony with nature.

Winter calls for more soups and stews, less cold salads, more cooked pears and apples. No tropical raw fruits or enjoy them sparingly as they affect your body’s ability to process much-needed vitamin D, contain large amounts of potassium, and the body thinks it is getting plenty of sun so it gets lazy and the production of vitamin D dissipates.

>> >> For more information on dairy, see Dairy: Silent Killer or Delicious, Creamy Treat?

Drink good quality water; this means water that is from a spring or has been aggressively filtered (I own a Kangen sytem and feel it is the best on the market). You can also buy spring water in glass as plastic leaks into the water and creates a large amount of toxins (I think Mountain Valley Spring water is the best). Avoid caffeine as it completely taxes the adrenals. Enjoying it as a fun treat is okay once a week or so, but not every day. Limit dairy. Fermented/full fat dairy is okay in small amounts (check out my other article ).

Have some sea vegetables, they are loaded with minerals and iodine (Maine coast are an OK brand). Include some algae as it is a super food that is fully packed with nutrients (chorella/ spirulina).

Get rid of your microwave and heat your food up on the stove or in the oven.

Make sleep very important. Figure out how much your body needs and do your best to get that amount.

Do something physical each day go for a walk, a run, do yoga or dance in your underwear.

If you are in a relationship, make love as much as possible.

Respect the body’s need for being in nature and make time to be near the ocean or the woods.

Take sun responsibly and avoid chemical sunscreens.

If you use self-care items and makeup, peruse this site for smarter/ healthier options.

Surround yourself with kind/loving people who build you up and love you. Set boundaries and command respect. Cut out toxic people.

Unplug from electronics at times.

Meditate, write in a journal, pray and honor something bigger than yourself, whatever that means to you.

Love yourself deeply and fully. Practice self-acceptance by loving the parts of you that you have the most trouble loving.

Practice forgiveness when you can.

Floss your teeth, brush them and scrape your tongue (watch my video on oral hygiene for tips). 

Be polite. Hold doors for people and if you see someone who is elderly or a parent with a stroller/pregnant woman on the subway, offer up our seat. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

When ending a relationship, imagine how the other person feels and have compassion. After a break-up, call  your most supportive and loving friend, express your feelings fully, move through any  disappointment and

Ask yourself, ’What have I learned from this? How can I use this information for my next big romance?’  Then, take care of yourself like Charlize Theron the week before the Academy Awards!

Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

Flirt with handsome men or beautiful women who lock eyes with you on the street.

Throw out all of your underwear and buy all new underwear when you feel it is time to do so.

Try a media fast by not watching the news or reading the paper for a while.
If something really important happens, you will hear about it from your friends.

If a compliment pops into your head, don’t hesitate to share it.

Smile at old people and children.

Laugh like you mean it!

Always remember that life is a gift, life is good, enjoy it!

Feature photo courtesy of the National Media Museum. Photo of Donna by Amy Fletcher 

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