why I love kale…

I love kale for so many reasons –

here are my top ten reasons why I love kale…

  1. it is green HELLO… who doesn’t love green things? (Kermit the frog, green M&M’s, grass, grass hoppers, my favorite rain boots)
  2. my skin looks better when I eat it
  3. it gets stuck in my teeth and I can make my friends laugh by pretending I have no clue it is in there
  4. it gives me more energy to check out how nutritionally superior it is visit www.whfoods.com and type “kale” into the search space scroll down for “nutritional profile” and get ready to be amazed.
  5. it makes me smell great ( it has chlorophyll so it naturally deodorizes my breath and skin)
  6. it makes me less grumpy
  7. it makes my blood nice and clean ( yes, kale will actually push the toxins out of your blood)
  8. my cat Max poops more easily when I puree it and add it to his food
  9. I can use the recipes from my website to make it in under 5 minutes (www.getthinforthecamera.com)
  10. it makes sex better ( YES it does read my article about it… go to the article marked “green vegetables for better sex” http://www.getthinforthecamera.com/press.html )


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