Get Thin For The Camera Program

First off – this has nothing to do with dieting, I don’t believe in diets so don’t let the “THIN” word freak you out.

What is it?

This is a program I have used since 2005 to help actors and models get ready for shoots – it has since morphed into a really great jumpstart program for those people who are ready and disciplined.

I recommend this program for any and all who want to do an immersion in health and wellness, those who want to learn as much as they can in a short period of time.

This program is also great if you have an event to get ready for … a reunion, a party or a big date. In addition I recommend this program for anyone going through a change of life/ career/ break-up / divorce/ milestone birthdays work too.

What do you get?

1.     In depth consultation – we look deep into your personal health history and figure out together what has been holding you back and where you have been “slipping up.” Together we figure out your personal health, wellness and fitness goals. I get to play detective and often figure out things that other professionals miss. Then you get a few suggestions that you can work on until we meet again.

2.     A health food store tour- I take you to my favorite local health food store and show you what everything is. I explain why certain foods are healthy. We also look at self-care items and learn about healthy alternatives. Then, you shop at a 10% discount. Stocking up on whatever foods we both agree will help you reach your health goals. You may bring one friend along.

3.     One cooking lesson- first off we talk about menu taking into consideration what foods will help you along your journey and what techniques you need to learn. We create a shopping list and then you shop for the items, bring them to my kitchen, I do a cooking tutorial / demo for you and then we eat and talk about what you have learned. We make a plan for what you will cook next as homework. You can bring up to two friends / relatives with you and feel free to tape / record lesson for easy reference.

4.     Follow up- after about the 3rd or 4th week we circle back to see what you have learned and how these changes have effected your wellness. We discuss strategies for moving forward, weather it be ongoing coaching or a full program, if at this point you have loved the work and desire a full program we can apply the monies you have spent to that and move forward with the full 6-month curriculum. Some people are fast learners and find that this jump -start is all they need to get up and going.

Cost of this program is – $815

“my mother loves a bargain” deal-  do this with a friend and you each save $100


If you chose ongoing coaching after that the price is $175 a session.
If you purchase 3 sessions at a time the cost is $150 a session (you save $75)