Connie Renda, Singer/Actor

“Donna Sonkin and her beaming, beautiful and brilliant energy has given me the tools to help me soar into the next chapter of my life. I went into One on One for a FREE seminar on nutrition when I came home from tour. I honestly can say I have no idea why I even went. I am a healthy, active woman and I always have been. As soon as I walked in the room filled with Donna’s light and love, I knew I wanted to have what she had and I signed up (for Get Fit for the Camera.

I just knew that I deserved a gift. We all deserve the gift of knowing how to nourish our bodies.  I mark coming home from that tour and meeting Donna and her knowledge and care to share it, the next chapter in my life.   My body feels amazing, my mind is sound, my heart wants more and I have the energy to keep moving forward in this crazy business.  I am so grateful to Donna, she truly is a gift.  She knows where we are coming from as actors, musicians, artists, and really as human beings.  Donna fights the fight beside you for a better quality of life.  She creates a safe class environment encouraging risk and change.  Now, I get to pass information on to my loved ones and I, myself create change.  Don’t think, don’t hesitate, don’t walk… run to the phone and sign up for whatever this lovely lady is teaching.  Do it for yourself! You deserve it.”

– Connie Renda, Singer/Actor