Liz Elkins, Actress

“I can honestly say that working with Donna changed my life for the better. She helped me make better choices for my health, not only in relationship to food, but in all aspects of my life. I have completely stopped using Splenda, which made my cravings for sugar decrease and my energy increase. I am no longer afraid to buy and cook with big leafy greens, like kale! I use her recipes at least once a week…they are delicious and nutritious. But also, Donna introduced me to my personal trainer, which has helped my body look better than ever. She supported me through a breakup. She introduced me to people who have helped forward my acting career. She is always there with a wealth of holistic knowledge in every area of life. With her love, support, wisdom and positive energy, Donna has guided me towards greater self-empowerment. I am so grateful to my work with Donna Sonkin!”