Helene Taylor, Actress

“Donna has enlightened me to a new way of viewing food and how I treat my body. I was aware of how to eat right but I didn’t seem to apply that knowledge in to my everyday life. Donna expanded my knowledge to a point where it has become second nature to me, she has combined the emotional with the practical and resolved my issues with “good, bad” food. Eating right is no longer a struggle, it’s second nature! I have not only lost weight, I don’t even pay attention to it coming off, I’m more interested in how to better nurture my body. Losing weight is just the bonus! My relationship with food is so incredibly different, as is my relationship with myself. If you spend money on groceries you deserve to spend your money on Donna. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her passion towards making your life the best it can be is sincere. She is an actor’s missing link to a successful life and career. ”

– Helene Taylor, Actress