Karen Kohlhaas, MonologueAudition.com

“Donna, I can’t begin to tell you how much working with you has changed my daily life! What I love about the way you work is that it is simple, do-able, and completely customized to the person – I felt like you were working with me and MY life (vs. trying to make me fit into a pre-determined diet “rule” structure). Meeting with you was informative, inspiring, reasurring, and ENTERTAINING. I think you were perfect for me because I would rebel against seriousness and “warnings” when it comes to diet and health. You are sympathetic, funny, and accessible, and TOTALLY know your stuff. I have greater energy, health, and stamina as a result of working with you. I can’t thank you enough! Much love and thanks,”

– Karen Kohlhaas, www.monologueaudition.com