Adam Shuty, Personal Trainer

As with most things you get out what you put in. In Donna you find someone who is giving her all for the benefit of her clients, friends and family. The world of health and nutrition is vast and complex. Unless you devote your life to its study, there is no way you are going to do anything more than scratch the tip of the iceberg. There you will continue to flounder as you fall victim to the sway of the media and the latest passing fads.

Here you have an opportunity to learn the facts. Donna is bright, fun and most importantly knowledgeable. She has the courage to take up the daunting task of debunking the popular myths surrounding health, diet and lifestyle. Donna is throwing you a life preserver all you have to do is grab on and enjoy the ride. You are missing out if you do not include Donna on your wellness team!

– Adam Shuty, Certified Personal Trainer